VICTORY: Vancouver family's quarantine fines dropped

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A family of four who fled from Canada to Mexico after becoming concerned with the government increasingly using COVID-19 to impede on citizens' rights has recently had a big win for freedom!

After five months in Mexico, and noticing that strict COVID measures were not all that different than Canada’s, this family decided to return to Canada, to come back and fight. And fight they did.

Upon entry to the country, the family refused both the invasive PCR test and refused being forced to stay in a COVID hotel at their own expense.

“We will not follow these unethical, immoral, and illegal rules,” said Shawn Hibbs.

Hibbs and his partner, Lorie Mclachlan each received a $3,450 fine, after reportedly being detained for hours, and threatened with imprisonment, when they refused the invasive PCR tests going to a COVID jail.

Thanks to our supporters, who have donated towards our Fight the Fines initiative that provides top-notch lawyers to people like this family, we hired a lawyer to help fight those fines in court for them.

However, before we could even get our day in court, the violations were dropped!

You won’t believe how the family of freedom defenders found out. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, has now been delegated by the BC government to administer some of the province's COVID-19 related fines.

Both Hibbs, and Mclachlan, received a letter from ICBC, stating that their tickets had been reviewed, and “found to be invalid” and therefore no payment is necessary.

Our Fight The Fines legal team confirmed that the contents of the letter are accurate. This family will not be penalized any further for returning to the comfort of their own home after returning to our country.

Watch this family describe what it was like to take this stand, and their relief to learn the fines have been dropped.

It’s great to have another win for freedom even if it appears to be from a technicality but there are many more who still need help fighting against this government overreach.

Please consider making a charitable donation to The Democracy Fund to help support the Fight The Fines initiative, which has now taken on over 1,000 cases in Canada.

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