BREAKING: Vancouver Judge orders surgeon to NOT remove breasts of transgender teen

BREAKING: Vancouver Judge orders surgeon to NOT remove breasts of transgender teen
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A Vancouver Supreme Court judge has issued an injunction against a cosmetic surgeon from proceeding with the removal of a transgender-identifying teenage girl's breasts.

The Without Notice injunction, which was decided on November 3 and only released to the public today, was petitioned by the girl's mother. The mother is referred to in public records as A.M. in order to protect the identify of her daughter.

In an email statement, A.M. made the following announcement:

“I am appalled by the lack of any clinical standards and medical protocols that permit doctors to give gender changing steroids and mastectomies to traumatized teenage girls caught up ion a fad who wish they were boys.

“I am shocked the government through TransCare BC supports such unscientific and very risky experimentation. There is little evidence the irreversible treatment lessons gender dysphoria or reduces the 19 times normal suicide rate.

“It is outrageous the SOGI 1 2 3 school program pushes these depressed and anxiety ridden girls to gender change clinics when what they need is psychiatric care.

“Worst of all the law lets it all be kept secret from parents.

“Why is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia permitting this?”

Previously, A.M. sued her daughter's general practitioner Dr. Andrea Szewchuk for prescribing testosterone without seeking permission from the girl's guardians.

This is believed to be the first such order of its kind in Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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