Vancouver mayor can't keep peaceful freedom protesters from Trucker Convoy on Robson Street

Did Mayor Kennedy raise such concerns when thousands of people came to Vancouver for Greta Thunberg’s climate change demonstration?

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“Vancouver doesn’t want you here” was just one of the statements Vancouver’s Mayor Kennedy Stewart made to discourage the pro-freedom protesters and anti-segregation protesters from participating in a end-the-mandates Trucker Convoy to Vancouver on February 5.

Despite the convoy having no intention on blocking any traffic, or buildings, en route to, or during their demonstration, Kennedy also added:

“The purposed route passes three important health care facilities. While every Canadian has a right to peaceful and respectful protest, nobody has the right to promote hate, jeopardize the safety of our communities, or interfere with access for patients, staff, or first responders.” 

Did Kennedy raise such concerns when thousands of people came to Vancouver, passing health care facilities for a Black Lives Matter protest, or Greta Thunberg’s climate change demonstration?

And exactly what hate was Kennedy referring to, when the pro-freedom protests that have been taking place almost weekly for nearly two years have historically been peaceful?

Such divisive labels from Kennedy shouldn’t be all to surprising, as he is the same mayor who referred to the peaceful protesters who attended a demonstration put on by healthcare and frontline workers, most of whom were laid off without pay for not taking a novel medical treatment with zero long term studies “idiots” and “jerks”. 

Prime Minister Trudeau’s attempt to dismiss the massive number of Canadians participating in the ongoing Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa by labelling them as a small fringe minority spreading hate and putting communities at risk hasn’t been effective at deterring concerned Canadians from participating in such demonstrations. Similarly, Mayor Kennedy's words are not much concern for Vancouver protesters.

While his written statement may have contributed to the hate and blocking of traffic by counter-protesters who tired to stop the convoy prior to it reaching it’s destination, thousands of freedom loving Canadians still filled Robson Street while hundreds of trucks and other vehicles legally convoyed around the area to protest against COVID-19 mandates. 

Watch the fun festival-like atmosphere that took place on Robson Street and to hear from the protesters themselves about why they came there, rather than listen to Mayor Kennedy’s divisive statement.

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