Vancouver protesters ring in the New Year with a dance party

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Unlike the bureaucrats who pretend to care about the declared COVID-19 pandemic by shaming Canadians into compliance with their oppressive restrictions, just before sneaking off to an exotic beach to celebrate the holidays somewhere more free, many Vancouverites stood up for what they actually believe in at the New Year’s Eve Freedom Rally Dance Party.

Close to 200 Canadians attended the protest, organized by a handful of freedom focused groups that in connection are called the Freedom Rally World Family Group. Located in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the rally started off with a fantastic live performance from Canadian anthem singer Mark Donnelly, followed by some short speeches, and ending with an epic dance party protest, despite the pouring rain.

As usual, the Vancouver Police Department did a remarkable job in keeping the peace during the protest. No fines were issued to the Canadians who exercised their constitutional right to assemble in peaceful protest as a way to end 2020.

VPD officers were also quick to arrest a women who was allegedly disrupting the protest, after I had left. I am told by one of the rally’s organizers, Raoul Emile, that the woman was unfamiliar to the Vancouver freedom movement, and that he had never seen her before that night.

CTV published more details about the arrest, but in my opinion, their report could easily encourage condemnation of the Vancouver police for how they choose to cover protests in the city.

According to the report, the VPD says, “Vancouver police officers exercise their discretion in the enforcement of public health orders. They must weigh a citizen’s right to peacefully protest with the current potential harm of gatherings.”

If you appreciate how the VPD has been providing equal treatment in keeping the peace at all of the diverse types of protests that have taken place during the declared COVID-19 pandemic, feel free to leave a comment expressing your opinion at [email protected].

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