Vandals deface Queen Victoria memorial amid King Charles' coronation

Melbourne's iconic statue targeted by anti-monarchists over the weekend

Vandals deface Queen Victoria memorial amid King Charles' coronation
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Melbourne's Queen Victoria Memorial fell victim to activist vandals over the weekend, coinciding with King Charles' coronation in London.

The historic monument was defaced with red paint-filled water balloons and red handprints by suspected anti-monarchists.

Located at Queen Victoria Gardens on St Kilda Rd, the 11-metre-tall statue was targeted on Saturday night, leaving the white marble monument stained with red paint. Council workers were observed removing the graffiti on Monday morning.

Jeremy Mann, a spokesperson for the Australian Monarchist League, expressed his disappointment over the act of vandalism to 3AW radio.

He stated, "We acknowledge there have been some pretty bad parts of history, but we should celebrate the good parts as well." Mann went on to emphasise the importance of Australia's British legacy and the need to progress as an independent nation.

The Queen Victoria Memorial, crafted by artist James White, was first unveiled in 1907 as a tribute to Queen Victoria, who passed away in 1901. The monument's construction was funded by public subscription, costing more than 7,000 pounds at the time.

The defacement occurred in protest of the monarchy following the official crowning of Charles III as King in London on Saturday.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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