Victoria Police only protect media THEY approve

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Since releasing my arrest video last week, some have DEFENDED police behaviour—questioning what else they could have done.

The overwhelming majority of people (including several cops!) who watched my arrest video have condemned the shameful police tactics executed on Australia Day.

However, some argue that police had no choice as it was just a matter of time before some protesters turn violent against me. They argue it's easier to arrest the only lawful person than controlling a crowd of illegal and potentially violent protesters.

Good policing is not always the easier policing.

During the height of the lockdown protests in Melbourne police often protected mainstream journalists from angry protesters.

Watch and share the difference in police tactics above.

Suing the police force is not enough. They've demonstrated that on Australia Day when they arrested and dumped me in Caulfield—EVEN while we're currently in the Supreme Court regarding the previous unlawful arrests.

That's why the lawyers are now working on a more effective legal strategy that'll essentially force police to protect every journalist, including Rebel News.

But it's costly litigation, and I need your help at to make sure we can take it as far as necessary.

Daniel Andrews' government spent $7.7million on lawyers to defend his hotel quarantine debacle. So, you can bet they're going to throw everything at us as well.

Click here to give what you can.

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