VIEWERS REACT: Thanks to the woke-joke Halton District School Board, whatever Busty Lemieux wants, Busty Lemieux shall receive

Can this situation get any more bizarre?

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies read viewers' reactions to the alarming story of Kayla Lemieux, a transgender high school teacher who has been making international headlines for wearing enormous prosthetic breasts while teaching.

One viewer chimed in writing, "One of my clients is a young student who goes to the high school where this obscenity teaches. He told me some of his friends were taking photos of this idiot and he was getting all upset. Seriously anyone who dresses that way is obviously looking for attention. Then when he gets it, he gets pissed off. What a joke this whole thing has become!"

Another viewer shared their thoughts on the situation writing, "I'm a real woman and I remember getting chased and disciplined by teachers just for wearing a tank top that didn't cover my shoulders. But those were the rules and professional expectations for a school setting and that isn't a bad thing. Now I'm so angry men can just come around and do whatever they want with no consequences, and you'll be punished if you question it."

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