WATCH: Aaron Gunn's new documentary, 'The End of Free Speech in Canada'

Previous efforts from the filmmaker examined the declining quality of life in Vancouver, British Columbia and across Canada as a whole.

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Canadian filmmaker Aaron Gunn has released another documentary, this time examining the rise of censorship in Canada. In this feature, Gunn asks viewers: is free speech in Canada coming to an end?

As part of his "Politics Explained" series, Gunn looks at prominent incidents like psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's battle with the College of Psychologists, a comedian charged for telling offensive jokes, and Justin Trudeau's attempts to regulate the internet.

Rebel News boss Ezra Levant features in the film, telling Gunn the prime minister is “authoritarian,” and that “When he says I'm coming to regulate the internet, we should believe him.”

You can find more of Aaron Gunn's "Politics Explained" series on his YouTube channel.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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