WATCH: Pregnant men? At least one doctor is striving to make this a reality

A gender reassignment surgeon in India is attempting a dangerous surgery involving the transfer of a womb into a biological male's body.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, we were joined by Rebel News' Natasha Biase to discuss the ongoing campaign promoted by the mainstream media (and now in the world of medicine) that is seemingly aimed at blurring the lines between men and women.

So what constitutes a woman? One surgeon in India has now made headlines for announcing a plan to surgically implant a womb into a biological male's body in an attempt to allow the individual, a transgender woman, to become pregnant. The procedure has only been attempted once in history and unfortunately ended up being fatal for the patient.

As reported by the Daily Mail, "Dr. Kshuik's clinic, Olmec, is at the centre of a booming industry in New Delhi that is seeing the city rival Bangkok as the sex-change capital of the world. 'Many of our patients tell us that their sexual partners don't even notice that they weren't born with female sex organs,' Dr. Kaushik told the paper. 'And that's our aim, to make it so that they live as normal a life as possible as a woman. We aim for an aesthetic ideal.'

'Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible — and that includes being a mother,' he is quoted as saying in The Mirror'The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant. This is the future. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but it will happen very soon.'"

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