WATCH: Toronto's Pearson Airport tests emergency readiness using 'mock protesters'

At the behest of Transport Canada, Toronto's Pearson Airport took part in a staged 'mock protest' in order to check emergency readiness levels as long lines and delayed flights push passengers to their edge.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we discussed Transport Canada's failures in efficiently handling the influx of passengers at Toronto's Pearson Airport and other airports around the country.

From waiting in security lines prior to boarding to having to spend additional time sitting on the tarmac before deplaning, passengers' tensions have been running high from issues seemingly caused by a lack of effective oversight. 

Rather than focusing on security issues such as preventing terrorism or operational concerns that could speed things up, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority felt that using dozens of employees and volunteers to act out as crazed 'civil liberties protesters' was a more productive way of spending time.

As reported by CBC, "'We're testing our response to an emergency or security situation,' GTAA spokesperson Tori Gass said on Saturday. 'It's important that we test our response in as real-life a situation as possible so that we know, when a situation like this arises, we are taking the right steps to respond.'"

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