WATCH: Convoy to Canberra REJECT violence

Avi Yemini speaks with Convoy protesters who are calling for the end to division in their communities

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Thousands gathered at Parliament House as part of a convoy from all over the country.

People made their way to the capital city to come together and voice their desperation to put an end to vaccine mandates and harsh restrictions.

Many protesting in Canberra have lost their livelihoods and expressed they feel let down by politicians.

While there was a slightly tense moment when the convoy gathered outside the doors of Parliament House, the organisers maintained control and the crowd signalled that they came peacefully and simply want to be heard by the decision makers of this country.

"I was a Covid nurse ... and now I am going to be homeless, so thank you very much to our government," said one protester I talked to said sarcastically.

"It's meant to be about health, but is it?"

The atmosphere has been overwhelmingly peaceful, with organisers doing their best to ensure tense moments don't escalate into violent scenes.

"End the division ... That's the media dividing us, we're too busy fighting each other and not the main problem - who divided us in the first place," another said.

"So enough is enough, it's time to unite, stand together with your brothers and sisters, take back our country and make amazing changes for our future".

The crowds were again diverse, made up of everyday Australians from all walks of life, standing together attempting to make a change.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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