WATCH: Former health investigator SPEAKS OUT against jabs for kids

Yasmin Sawyer speaks with former Queensland auditor and investigator Leanne Bartrim

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Leanne Bartrim recently shared her concerns at a Brisbane Freedom Rally regarding COVID vaccinations for children, especially those 5-11 year-olds part of the latest public health push to get the jab.

Calling on her extensive background in Queensland's health and education systems as an auditor and investigator, she has spoken out about what she believes are conversations we should be having in a more open manner.

Why are we injecting healthy children that have a good immune system that’s still developing?,” she said when she caught up with Rebel reporter Yasmin Sawyer.

Leanne has sent hundreds of emails to schools all across Queensland expressing her concerns to the Principles, teachers and board members. 

People aren’t realising that children are already having adverse reactions,” she warned.

Multiple schools have pop-up vaccination centres to make it convenient for children to receive the vaccine. The school term in Queensland has been delayed for 2 weeks so children have time to get vaccinated as part of the push. 

Leanne urges parents and grandparents to research what’s in the vaccine and to consider the risks involved in injecting children who are at a reduced risk to falling seriously ill from COVID.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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