WATCH: Global News reporter slams Poilievre for refusal to kowtow to mainstream media

The Conservative Party of Canada frontrunner has found success by taking advantage of social media and alternative mediums to boost his messaging.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we discussed the relative success of Pierre Poilievre's public relations strategy of utilizing slick social media videos and alternative mediums to boost the reach and impact of his messaging. We also examined how this blueprint is ruffling the feathers of members of the mainstream media.

From a sit-down interview with renowned academic Jordan Peterson to videos discussing pressing topics like the rising cost of living, inflation, and even cryptocurrency, Mr. Poilievre has seemingly carved out an alternative campaign strategy that appears to be hitting home with an increasing number of constituents.

Global News reporter Rachel Gilmore had this to say regarding Mr. Poilievre's method of gaining support:

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