WATCH: Meet Australia's answer to Steven Crowder

Avi Yemini catches up with Lochie Kavanagh

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You’re like Australia’s ‘Louder with Crowder’!

I caught up with 23-year-old content creator Lochie Kavanagh at Sydney’s 2021 Freedom Ball. Like Crowder, Kavanagh and his team set up tables in public places and invite members of the public to challenge them on topics.

Kavanagh joked that after being banned from certain social media platforms, he would be entering retirement.

Yeah, I’ve kind of stopped – I’ve kind of gone into retirement for a bit.”

So, you are ahead of Crowder. You’re in retirement and Crowder’s about double your age.

“I guess I’m a little bit more successful than Crowder. You know? I’m retired already.”

Kavanagh has a reputation for being the ‘funny guy’ in the Sydney freedom movement. He started public conversations and was surprised that he didn’t get yelled at constantly.

The Daily Mail referred to Kavanagh as a ‘self-proclaimed Covid-denier’ when he set up a table outside one of Sydney’s Bondi Covid testing clinics. In a similar vein to Crowder’s ‘Change My Mind’ segments, Kavanagh hung a provocative sign from the table which invited members of the public to challenge his position.

I just had to do something about it [the state of Australian politics] and that was the first thing that came to mind. We were very surprised by the response. I mean I thought I was going to get yelled at and everyone would disagree and I reckon half the people agreed with me,” said Kavanagh.

It was beyond belief – the response. I was pretty nervous doing it the first time. I thought ‘f***k’ this is going to be pretty hectic. I would say, only once every three hours during a session would I get one person yell at me.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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