WATCH: Trudeau's 'thank you Pfizer' Belgium trip last year cost taxpayers $250,000

Justin Trudeau took a lavish trip to the U.K. and Belgium last year to thank Pfizer for their work throughout the pandemic. It cost Canadian taxpayers $250,000, and we've got the expense reports to prove it.

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Last year, actually a year ago this week, Trudeau went to the UK and Belgium. While in the UK, he meddled in their domestic politics for some reason with regard to Northern Ireland and Brexit. Like Boris Johnson weighing in on Alberta and Equalization, but ok.

Anyway, here is the CTV news article on the Belgium portion of the trip:

BRUSSELS - "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent his last day in Europe on Tuesday thanking leaders and local workers for getting COVID-19 vaccines to Canada, saying there is no 'silver bullet' that results in shots being available around the world.

Trudeau visited the manufacturing facility in Puurs, Belgium, where Canada's supply of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was produced until the United States started shipping doses early last month."

While the government was locking Canadians in covid jails and scolding them for unnecessary travel, Trudeau went to Belgium to thank the pandemic profiteers of Pfizer for what? Getting richer than God and Oprah combined?

Shortly after he came, Trudeau announced measures to make the vaccine manufacturers even richer: workplace vaccine mandates and vaccine travel restrictions.

So how much did this unnecessary virtue signalling trip cost us? We know through access to information filings with Global Affairs that were proactively released.

$252,000 to Global Affairs (there's more at the Department of National Defence, which would pay for his flights directly). And naturally, right off the hop, we see liberal hypocrisy. As Trudeau bans single-use plastics and lectures Canadians about it, Trudeau charges the taxpayers for the things he tells us not to buy.

Page 1 includes buying water bottles as the first thing (not drink box water box bottle sort of things?) $300 plus on water bottles and snacks!

Plus $59,000 we can see for cars and drivers in Belgium and another $83,000 for cars and drivers in the UK leg of the same trip. They keep taxing me for this climate emergency they won't shut up about, but they sure don't act like climate change is an emergency, do they?

And because it's Trudeau, there's an extra expense for booze on page 2 for the flights, another $200+ on wine and beer.

The department of national defence is responsible for the planes and this means they would have already stocked the flights with booze for him, but of course, he needed more.

The liberals spared no expense on themselves to thank their rich friends in big pharma while we were stuck in the dungeon country they govern. They don’t care. They rubbed it in our faces.

For Rebel News, I’m Sheila Gunn Reid


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