'We saw 8 people crossing': Alexa Lavoie on covering the Texas border crisis

Alexa Lavoie says an unaccompanied 10-year-old boy was part of a group of eight migrants she saw illegally entering the United States while covering the border crisis in Texas.

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Rebel News sent a pair of journalists, Alexa Lavoie and Lincoln Jay, to the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott has been engaged in a standoff with President Joe Biden over illegal border crossings.

The Texas governor has deployed the state National Guard troops to set up razor wire in Eagle Pass, a popular hotspot for migrant crossings. In response, the Biden administration, bolstered by a Supreme Court ruling, bizarrely plans on preventing Texas from defending its border.

With Republican-led states backing Texas in its fight against the federal authorities, Rebel News went to investigate the situation firsthand. Now back in Canada, Alexa joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to share what she'd learned on the trip.

Alexa told guest host Sheila Gunn Reid how illegal border crossers are starting to look for other points of entry now that Abbott has strengthened Texas' defences in some sectors.

But just 20 minutes drive from the Shelby Park hotspot, Alexa says she was able to access the Rio Grande without having to pass razor wire or fencing. In the same area, she and Lincoln saw eight people crossing, including an unaccompanied minor.

We noticed when we saw the eight people crossing, we saw a young boy of 10 years old, unaccompanied by himself crossing into the U.S. No family in the U.S., no relatives, and he said that he was there to go to school, that he had no parents.

The border patrol say that this is actually something common, to see unaccompanied children crossing whoever. Who are those kids? Who pushed them to come into the U.S.?

Follow all of Rebel News' coverage from the U.S.-Mexico border at TexasBorderReports.com.

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