WATCH: WEF-backed policies crippling Canadian energy potential

The World Economic Forum is even pushing a credit card with an incorporated "carbon-emission spending limit" as one antidote to climate change.

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On last week's episode of The Gunn Show, we were joined by Michelle Stirling from the Friends of Science Society to discuss how the World Economic Forum (WEF) is quietly playing a significant role in the energy policies being implemented here in Canada by pushing their radical climate alarmism across the globe.

From the mass adoption of wind turbines to a greater reliance on solar power, the policies strongly promoted by the WEF and their allies in the Canadian Liberal government could have untold consequences on the people of Alberta, according to the Friends of Science Society.

"The Friends of Science Society say that although Alberta has gained kudos at COP-21 (Paris Climate Conference) for its recently released climate change plan, those people don’t have to live with the economic fall-out. Friends of Science say that the move for an early phase-out of coal-fired power, putting some 30% renewables like wind and solar on the grid, plus implementing a carbon tax will damage the Alberta economy, burden taxpayers, and will do virtually nothing for climate change or health."

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