What a boob! Busty Lemieux incriminates himself via his own Twitter account!

As for not wearing a bra in order to conceal those ever-erect eraser-sized nipples protruding through his sheer blouse, Lemieux had an answer for that, too.

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You know what the problem is with compulsive liars? They lie so much and they lie so often that they fail to keep track of all their lies. The end-result is a plethora of inherent contradictions to their phony-baloney narratives. And in some cases, compulsive liars even incriminate themselves. Case in point: Sneaky Patrick Brown, a.k.a., Canada’s most corrupt personality, and someone that makes Pinocchio seem like the paragon of truth.

But alas and alack, Sneaky Patrick now has a challenger when it come to the title of Canada’s Biggest Liar. Because yet again, Busty Lemieux, the most infamous shop teacher on the planet, never fails to baffle, bewilder, and befuddle as he continues to weave his web of deceit.

As you know, Busty Lemieux also goes by the alias of Kerry Luc Lemieux (when he’s in male attire) and Kayla Lemieux (when he’s dressed like a grotesque caricature of a female thanks to strapping on those enormous Z-cup breasts.)

For a good eight months now, the gutless educrats at the Halton District School Board have gone out of their way to protect this grifter, so much so that Lemieux is now being paid to stay at home doing nothing as he collects full salary and benefits... courtesy of the ever-beleaguered taxpayer, of course.

Now “grifter” is a very harsh term. In fact, it could be downright defamatory if proven untrue. But several weeks ago, Lemieux consented to an exclusive interview with journalists from the New York Post. And Lemieux dropped a bombshell: namely, it was impossible for him to do anything about those breasts because contrary to popular belief, those Z-cup boobs are not drag queen props but REAL McCoy mammary glands! Wow!

As for not wearing a bra in order to conceal those ever-erect eraser-sized nipples protruding through his sheer blouse, Lemieux had an answer for that, too. And it could be found on his Twitter account, Real_Kayla_L. Here’s what he had to say about brassieres: “A year ago due to constantly needing to buy new bras and the discomfort they brought to me while wearing them, I decided to go without. I am much more comfortable this way and the choice to wear or not is individual. #free the nip.”

In any event, if you can imagine, the rubes down at the HDSB were overjoyed by this information… you know, that Lemieux’s breasts are real and it’s too uncomfortable for him to wear bras because it cleared them from doing anything about the way he presented himself. It’s a human rights thing, you see… he’s got this uber rare medical condition, you understand…

Really? So, how does one explain our video in which cameraman Lincoln Jay and I encountered a not-so-busty Lemieux earlier this month at the Mapleview Mall in Burlington? Indeed, we caught him fleeing the Hudson’s Bay store via an Uber, abandoning his car in the parking lot.

So, either Lemieux had his breasts amputated – in which case he’s made a remarkably quick recovery. Or more likely, this lying liar continues to lie through his teeth.

We’ve reached out to Lemieux via email on two occasions since the encounter, but so far, radio silence. As well, right after that brief interview, Lemieux blocked us from his Twitter feed. That doesn’t shut us out from his reading his disturbing dispatches, mind you, as others pass along his litany of lies secondhand.

But alas, Lemieux isn’t the sharpest saw in the toolbox. Because check out this exchange. Responding to our appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight last week in which we showed Tucker that we had video evidence proving Lemieux’s breasts are props, Lemieux tweeted the following: “The Jig is up! There never was a jig in the first place… that person wasn’t me. Don’t you find it interesting that Rebel would conveniently be at the mall at the same time as me? Same entrance as well. Seems very coincidental doesn’t it. You guys gotta get a life.”

Well, God bless the person who goes by the Twitter handle, Mama Bear. She responded thusly: “So at first you say it wasn’t you and then in the next statement you say that Rebel was at the mall at the same time as you. Which is it? Were you there or not? It’s difficult to keep up with the lies. The truth always comes out in the end.”

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. Lemieux incriminated himself.

If you want more proof, here it comes: say that person we scrummed was not Lemieux. Let’s call him “Mister X.” Then what are the odds that Mister X and Lemieux drive the same car, as in the same make, model, year and colour? Oops, we almost forgot to mention one other little detail: what are the odds that Mister X and Lemieux also have identical licence plates, too?

So sorry, Lemieux: a licence plate is as unique as a fingerprint. The fact is, you got very sloppy that day. And now you’re getting very sloppy on social media, too.

Bottom line: the ball is once again in the court of the Halton District School Board. The HDSB’s next meeting is this Wednesday. Are these egregious educrats going to finally do the right thing and terminate Lemiuex – with cause? Or are they going to continue to rag the puck, for fear of coming across as transphobic – even though it should be pointed out that Lemieux stated in that very same New York Post story that he is NOT trans!

Stay tuned, folks. The Busty Lemieux story still has legs…

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