“What's happened over the last year has been terrible”: Thousands protest UK lockdown

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This past Saturday, thousands of Brits gathered together in London, England for the Worldwide Freedom Rally. It was a chance for people of all walks of life to come together for a similar cause — people standing together for freedom and in solidarity against the government's handling of the pandemic.

It is an exciting time for many Brits at the moment, considering the government does, in fact, have a plan set to fully reopen the economy. At the same time, many people are questioning whether the government will actually follow through with that plan, and instead choose to throw the country back into another lockdown.

The government in the United Kingdom is about to head into phase three (of four) on its reopening plan, which states that on June 21 everything opens back up.

Although there is the fear of lockdown on many people's mind, it's nice to see things somewhat getting back to normal, even if it is only temporary.

For now, we'll wait and see if in the months to come, the government does actually follow through with its reopening plan.

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  • By Rebel News

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