What’s REALLY happening inside a quarantine hotel?

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I have left the COVID jail, and I recorded the whole thing.

Despite having two days remaining on the room the government forced me to pay for — I got the story I came for, and will not be “enjoying” the rest of my stay.

The conditions Canadians are being forced into in these quarantine facilities are abhorrent. In some cases, citizens are not even given water, or the food provided is barely edible. There have also been allegations of sexual assault in these facilities. Locks have been ripped off of the room doors, meaning that any government or hotel agent could walk into your supposedly private quarters at any time.

The situation is entirely unconstitutional and is a violation of Canadians’ rights on multiple fronts — the most obvious of which is our freedom of mobility. Canadians have a right to enter, leave or stay in Canada at any time for any reason, and the Government of Canada is not allowed to restrict this.

It’s not me saying that — it’s our constitution.

The food and water situations are just the icing on the cake, a cake that Trudeau is going to have to answer for, come the next federal election. The vast majority of the people being forced into these COVID jails are the very individuals who helped Trudeau ride into office, including dual citizens and members of minority groups who have family outside of the country. These people make up a huge segment of the population, and a large part of Trudeau’s voting constituency.

Remember when the state media knowingly lied to you, and called any mention of these government sites “misinformation”? They hoped that Rebel News would not continue covering this story. Well, we did, and we blew the top off of it.

No other journalist in the country bothered to look inside these government-occupied compounds — why do you think that is?

If you found our coverage of this massive scandal informative and useful, please consider helping us cover the costs of the $1,000 mandatory jail bill.

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