Where's Albo? Aussie PM goes missing in Australia Day debate

Calls for the Prime Minister to show some form of leadership intensify as Australia Day debate rages on.

Where's Albo? Aussie PM goes missing in Australia Day debate
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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese faces increasing scrutiny as critics lambast his lack of leadership in addressing the Australia Day debate.

January 26 approaches, but the nation remains in a heated debate over the appropriateness of the chosen date, with critics slamming 'Albo' for going missing.

In a recent Sunrise interview, presenter Natalie Barr did not hold back, pressing Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt about the PM's seeming reluctance to take a stand.

Barr's pointed question, "Do you think most Australians are getting sick of this tiptoeing around Australia Day?" spotlighted the growing frustration among citizens seeking a clear direction.

Watt, defending Albanese, argued that the Prime Minister shouldn't be leading a debate about Australia Day, emphasising the government's focus on pressing issues such as the war on inflation.

Barr, however, persisted, questioning the necessity of a debate. This discussion follows Opposition Leader Peter Dutton's controversial call for a boycott of Woolworths and Big W over their decision not to stock Australia Day merchandise.

The lack of a definitive stance from the government has left many calling for decisive leadership. As the controversy spills into the sporting arena, Cricket Australia's decision to omit the term "Australia Day" from the upcoming Test match and the Australian Open's avoidance of January 26 add fuel to the fiery debate.

While the nation prepares for the upcoming celebration, the spotlight remains on Albanese's leadership, or perceived lack thereof, in navigating the tumultuous Australia Day debate.

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