Whistle-blower describes toxic 'cult' of Dan Andrews

New documentary describes what it's like on the inside of one of Australia's most controversial figures.

Whistle-blower describes toxic 'cult' of Dan Andrews
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Victorian Labor MPs were too scared to disagree with Daniel Andrews who ran the state by fear, according to a former cabinet minister.

The whistle-blower, speaking to journalist Peta Credlin on condition of anonymity, said MPs feared their lives would be ruined if they ever crossed the Victorian leader.

“The fear of retribution from him extends to every aspect of life,” she said.

“If you agree with everything, you're okay,” she said. “But if you don't, then you are absolutely singled out as the enemy. And you're absolutely put in the freezer.”

She said being in the “freezer” meant that you were treated as though you did not exist.

“You’re a nothing,” she said.

Not only did a disagreeable MPs electorate miss out on projects, but their life after politics was threatened.

“It completely will change your life,” she said. “You have a fear of not being able to get any kind of meaningful work anywhere if you have publicly crossed him.

“And I don't mean publicly in the media. Of course, that happens. But even publicly, in front of colleagues.”

She said the Labor caucus “wasn't a place for discussion or debate”.

“It became a place where we were told what would be happening, and we would be asked if there were any comments. But there wouldn't be.”

She said on the rare occasion one of Andrews’ MPs dared to speak they would receive “quiet support once the Premier and his group had left”.

“You would think, ‘oh, no, now you've done it’ and if there was any support from colleagues, it was very whispered and it was always outside,” she said.

“And it was very much a, ‘Oh, good on you. I'm glad you said that’. But that would never happen in caucus. That would never happen in front of him or his group.”

Sky News Australia will screen Peta Credlin’s documentary ‘The Cult of Daniel Andrews’, tonight (Wednesday) at 7.30pm AEDT.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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