WHO Helps Sexualize Our Children

WHO Helps Sexualize Our Children
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The type of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) the WHO has helped create, endorses and promotes teaches innocent children about masturbation, undermining their parents values and the dangerous trend that is transgenderism.

In 2018, the WHO, along with several other United Nations agencies, and  International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) published the insanity that is the “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education” in order to “achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals”. This program’s targeted age range is 5-15 year olds and its purpose is to set the world’s standard in sexual health for all children, at least, that’s what they say it is meant for, but the truth often differs from the headlines. Let’s dig in…

The gist of what this sexuality program actually promotes is an extremely controversial, rights-based approach to sexuality education (because it’s not just sex-ed). It enforces a flimsy idea that children should be taught that they have a right to receive instruction in masturbation and sexual pleasure amongst a sea of other adult rated information.

What’s of utmost importance is to first understand how the WHO defines “sexuality”. By understanding how they define “sexuality” you will see why my level of concern is of such significance. “Sexuality”, according to the WHO, includes “sex, eroticism, intimacy, gender identities and roles, pleasure and reproduction”. Why would we teach innocent children what eroticism is? Well, based upon the alliances the WHO has made in the past and present, as well as those they have strategically placed in positions of utmost significance, here are the top two reasons why the WHO would push such a radical program onto our children:

  1. The industries, foundations and individuals that fund the WHO, and the corresponding organizations that created this sexualization program, make money off of various items sexually active individuals sometimes require. A few examples of this would be: drugs and/or vaccines needed for sexually transmitted diseases, procedures that some deem necessary when an unplanned pregnancy occurs (abortion) as well as IUDs and condoms, because, you know, “safety first”. Another example revolves around IPPF. Why have an abortion advocate involved in a program meant for children? Because, they are most likely to patronize one of IPPF’s 65,000 service points: selling condoms, contraceptives, STI testing and treatments, abortions and much more. 
  2. The purpose of this program is not to help inform children on how to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies or views on sex, but it is being used a means to desensitize our children. By desensitizing our children and pushing them to be sexually active earlier and earlier by down playing any risks or supposed stereotypes their parents may have informed them of, it creates a generation that is more easily manipulated by those dictating what is or should be normal in the eyes of our children both personally and socially. 

So what exactly is in this program? I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few pieces from the program I pulled for your review. I encourage you to look through the full program as this is exactly what our children are being taught throughout North America:

  • “Recognize that each person’s decision to be sexually active is a personal one, which can change over time and should be respected at all times.”
  • “Non-penetrative sexual behaviours are without risk of unintended pregnancy, offer reduced risk of STI’s, including HIV, and can be pleasurable”
  • Support the right for everyone...to express their sexual feelings.”
  • Explain how someone’s gender identity may not match their biological sex.”
  • “Analyze social norms that contribute to homophobia and transphobia and their consequences.”
  • 9-12 years old: “Many boys and girls begin to masturbate during puberty or sometimes earlier…”
  • “Summarize key elements of sexual pleasure.”
  • 9-12 years old: “Masturbation does not cause physical or emotional harm but should be done in private…”
  • “Because of the legal restrictions on access to safe abortion that exist in many parts of the world, adolescents often resort to unsafe procedures administered by unskilled providers.”
  • 9-12 years old: “Describe male and female differences to sexual stimulation.”
  • “Adolescent girls...are generally less knowledgeable about their rights concerning abortion and post abortion care.”
  • 12-15 years old: “Question social and cultural norms that impact sexual behaviour in society.”
  • “Differentiate between values that they (children) hold, and that their parents/guardians hold about sexuality”
  • “Acknowledge that some of their (children’s) values may be different from their parents/guardians”

These are only a few of the many concerning points made in the program the WHO helped create, endorses and promotes. Some may read the above and think that this is perfectly acceptable “in our day and age” to instruct children in such matters of sexual engagements, while others will be left picking their jaws up off the floor. The elements in this program are not taught by a boring, old teacher in a monotone voice, oh no, these programs are taught enthusiastically and with as much interaction as possible where girls are not separated from the boys and kids often have to shout out explicit information as if it were “normal” to discuss such topics as sex with their fellow 9 year old friends. 

Among other elemental issues within this program, kids are not only asked what the differentiations are between their values at 12 years old and that of their parents, but they are then affirmed in their differentiations. For any educator to undermine the values of a child’s parents is more than a few steps beyond the realm of comfort. This undermining carries with it a psychological effect that I must say was extremely clever on behalf of those who created the program and that is this, to turn children’s hearts away from their parents at an early age, for children to question who has their best interest in mind and for children to find affirmation in their teachers, and in reality, in the unions. Any teacher thinking they can get away with affirming a child in values and beliefs that are contrary to what is being taught by parents/guardians in the home is a tell tale sign that international institutions, organizations, teachers and their unions believe they have powers that were never meant to be theirs.

This is nothing compared to the WHO Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. Their sexuality education’s age range 0-19 years old. Teachers are given the green light to give four year olds “information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body...masturbation” and to “enable children to gain awareness of gender identity”. At four years old they “give information about early childhood masturbation” and “information about same-sex relationships”. And finally, children from 6-9 years old are given “information about...different methods of conception,” “given information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation”, as well as “information about friendship and love towards people of the same sex”.

Now, the subject of “sexual orientation” may be normal to us as a society now, but what happens when, not if, but when pedophilia is recognized as just another sexual orientation amongst the 100+ that this world now magically discovered in the past 10+ years? Are you concerned yet about why the WHO continually includes “sexual orientation” in the programs they push? I am.

None of this information should ever be taught by our children’s educators, entertained by governments or pushed by unions. The education system willingly accepting these types of programs proves a point that has been raised by only a select few, that teachers and their unions have seemingly lost their way when it comes to what exactly our children should be learning within the four walls of school. Here are some of the basics for those who have forgotten; mathematics and problem solving, history, english, the sciences, health and very few other topics. It’s called basic for a reason. Our schools were never meant to become indoctrination stations like they have become, but places of progressional learning so that once kids graduated they would be equipped to enter the workforce, yet in today’s world, our children are more prepared for the picket line and professionally organized protests.

If you believe this kind of sexuality education is 10-15 years away from North America, you would be wrong. Based upon the current trend that we are witnessing, we are only a few years away.

Parents and guardians, this is where you need to be involved in your child’s education, asking questions of their school as to what they will be teaching your child and at what age. Ask for physical copies of the material teachers will be presenting and converse with their teachers personally, ask the nitty gritty questions. Your children’s teachers have their undivided attention for hours every week and you have every right to know exactly what is being taught! If you are ever told that your child’s school, or that of one of your friend’s, is teaching “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE), let that serve as a huge red flag. Do not ignore this! This is not sex-ed that is easier to understand, or the same kind of biology based program that you were taught as a child.

The WHO, UN agencies and IPPF can push their warped and unscientific view of human sexuality all they want to, that being said, these are all unelected bodies that are given immense amounts of credibility which directly affect our children and that of legislation on multiple governmental levels. They should never be given this allotment of influence. Never. It’s time the WHO was called out, people got serious and demanded reform at the local level. These are your children, they will be your legacy and are our collective future. I am going to do all I can to protect and defend their innocence and the freedom that comes with the simplistic world view that produces, will you?

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