Why are Trudeau and his media party labelling Canada 'genocidal'?

Tom Flanagan joined Ezra Levant to discuss the media lie of 'unmarked graves' at a former Kamloops residential school, and the widespread narrative that Canada is 'genocidal' which followed.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Canadian academic and author Dr. Tom Flanagan, to hear about his book, Kamloops Myths and the Madness of Crowds

Ezra talked about the dilution of the word 'genocide' when it is used to describe residential schools:

We're dealing here with some pretty serious issues that could have, could have consequences, you know, the word genocide is thrown about so casually these days. The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court called Canada a genocidal regime. She used that word, and Justin Trudeau picked it up. It's now thrown around handily. It's funny because Trudeau of course, will not call what China is doing in the Xinjiang province a genocide. He doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but he condemns Canada as a genocidal regime... a fellow who I interviewed when I was at Sun News said at his family reunions, the entire family would reminisce about the time at these schools and not one of them had a complaint.

I know some holocaust survivors, many of them are dying now. I've never in my life encountered a holocaust survivor whoever looks back on their time in Auschwitz or another death camp with fondness, like never, like there's no doubt about it whatsoever. So to use the word genocide, to describe these Indian residential schools in the face of these alumni who said 'no, actually it was sort of great, it taught me life skills,' that is a shocking appropriation and dilution of the word genocide in my mind.

Tom explained how the Kamloops 'unmarked graves' story isn't proof of a genocide:

The Kamloops announcement appeared to provide the proof of genocide, if there were hundreds of bodies scattered around the residential school and nobody knew about them before, this would be proof of all these deaths. The people who did that announcement should have known that what the ground penetrating radar was finding was a sewage system. In the 1920s the school installed a big septic tank. This was before they could connect to city sewage. And then if you have a septic tank, you have to have a way of dispersing the fluids. So you use a weeping tile and bury it and create a net network of pipes radiating out, or tiles radiating out. So those tiles are still in the ground.

The system isn't used anymore, but the tiles are still buried in the ground. And so what that ground penetrating radar was finding was probably those tiles, we don't know for sure because the report has never been released. So you can't compare the map, but that's what it looks like. So there's nothing there. No excavation has taken place at Kamoops. Where excavations have taken place at a few other sites, nothing has been discovered. So until some evidence comes up, you just have to say there's nothing there.

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