WATCH: Why so many Māoris are standing for Israel

Rebel reporter Avi Yemini asks supporters the questions the mainstream media refuse to ask in Brisbane.

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In a surprising turn of events in Brisbane's King George Square, Destiny Church activists from New Zealand, led by Brian Tamaki, stood in solidarity with Israel after the shocking Hamas terrorist attack on October 7.

The pro-Israel demonstration, organised by the indigenous church, clashed with a scheduled anti-Israel rally, resulting in a unique situation.

I asked Maori community activists who passionately expressed their support for Israel, why they were siding with the Jewish community.

They asserted that Israel, as the indigenous people, had an inherent right to the land, challenging the popular narrative that Palestinians are the true indigenous inhabitants.

The Destiny Church activists emphasised their belief in the biblical connection to the Holy Land, stating that the Jews are God's chosen people. They pointed to historical roots and biblical references, rejecting the idea that Palestinians are the original inhabitants.

Tamaki explained the decision to organise a pro-Israel haka, a traditional Maori war dance, as a response to the planned anti-Israel rally. The move garnered attention, leading to the relocation of anti-Israel events both in Brisbane and New Zealand.

When questioned about the absence of pro-Hamas supporters at the scene, some cited their warrior spirit and the potential for confrontation as deterrents. They expressed a commitment to peaceful demonstration but emphasised their readiness to stand firm for their cause.

Tamaki dismissed media calls for his deportation, stating that standing for what is right is his duty. He underscored the importance of learning from history and standing against injustice.

The rally delivered a powerful message, encouraging others worldwide to take a stand for what is right and just. They called for unity and courage, stressing the impact that current actions would have on future generations.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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  • By Avi Yemini

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