Windsor Police Service brass allegedly investigating transgender cop controversy

Sources say Roehler’s behaviour is extremely problematic for female police officers, especially those on the force who are devout Christians and Muslims.

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Recently, Rebel News was tipped off by reliable sources that the brass at the Windsor Police Service is going out of its way to accommodate an officer going by the name “Jane” Roehler.

Jane used to be known as Jonathan. And with good reason: he is a biological male cop pretending to be female. Except alas, when it’s baseball season. That’s when he allegedly goes back to identifying as “one of the guys” so he can play some hardball. Competing on a women’s team would be beneath him given that a few years ago he received a baseball scholarship at a U.S. college.

But for whatever reason, Roehler is currently “identifying” as a female. Well… sort of. Sources say he’s still attracted to and dates real females. Whatever…

But what he does during his personal life is one matter. The point of contention at the WPS is that Roehler, in female mode, allegedly routinely goes into the ladies’ change room at police headquarters to change clothes, use the bathroom and shower — even though he is still equipped with male wedding tackle.

Sources say Roehler’s behaviour is extremely problematic for female police officers, especially those on the force who are devout Christians and Muslims.

Also problematic: he is allegedly permitted to strip-search female suspects. Disturbing.

And the unspoken strategy appears to be virtue signalling. For the WPS brass, Roehler is a living, breathing example of how the force is uber-committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rebel News engaged in several off-the-record conversations with members of Windsor’s Finest. They will not go on camera, because they fear they will either be disciplined or fired or maybe even criminally charged! Indeed, there are members of the brass hellbent on WPS being “diverse” – and supposedly, it doesn’t get more diverse than having a transgender in uniform.

Notably, in 2022, the WPS tabled a 41-page document entitled, "Windsor Police Service Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan 2022”. It makes for fascinating reading – for all the wrong reasons. This report is obsessed with race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identification. It seems as though it has been plucked for some uber-woke college campus and has precious little to do with law enforcement.

There are, of course, two sides to every story. And Rebel News, for several weeks now, has reached out to the WPS, hoping to interview Roehler and those officers who head up human resources and the EDI department. We have contacted WPS via phone, email correspondence, and even personal visits to police headquarters. Not even the corporate communications department will provide a comment or even acknowledge our requests for an interview.

We also reached out to the Mayor of Windsor, Drew Dilkens, who is also the Chair of the Windsor Police Services Board. Again, radio silence.

This is not to say that the WPS brass behind the scenes aren’t doing anything on this file. On the contrary. Rebel News was told that the brass allegedly went to the WPS major crimes unit to open an investigation in which the cellphones of officers would be confiscated and searched for any communications with Rebel News.

Apparently, the brass also explored the idea of confiscating the cellphone of reporter David Menzies as well. To its credit, the major crimes unit deemed the reports published by Rebel News did not meet the benchmark of even a minor crime and no investigation was launched – much to the chagrin of the brass.

In a follow-report, we reported that a source informed us that Roehler had originally applied to join the Chatham Police Service. No information about the circumstances for the reason he was denied are forthcoming due to privacy legislation.

Bottom line: the Windsor Police Service brass would appear to be obsessed with protecting its transgender token. In the meantime, morale on the force is plunging as the brass turns on the well-meaning officers who comprise the rank and file, all in the name of “protecting” a transgender.

There oughta be a law…

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