Woke cultists are trying to destroy the West | Dr. James Lindsay

Dr. James Lindsay tells The Ezra Levant Show how radical leftists are trying to reshape the West to reflect their cult-like beliefs.

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Anyone paying attention over the years can see how radical left-wing woke ideologies are affecting the West. All across these liberal democracies, policies carried out under the name of wokeness are seemingly being enacted at every opportunity.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Dr. James Lindsay, an expert leading the charge against critical race theory and all things woke, joined the show to assess what we're seeing in our society.

Speaking about these beliefs are akin to a cult and how left-wing protests have started sparking up again across the United States, Dr. Lindsay told Ezra:

This is happening kind of all over the country, yet again.

It happened in 2020, and we were all very aware of that. And the goal, I think, of these cultic religions is to pent up energy that energy in children, the young people, and release it.

This is what Mao Zhedong did in China. Not so much necessarily through transgender or anything like this, but through identity politics. He created identity categories and he worked up the children.

And what did they do? They went out and attacked their parents, they went out and attacked their teachers, they went out and destroyed the existing society. And I think we're seeing the exact same thing.

They're tapping into children's desire for power and deranging them with it.

The Judeo-Christian ethic of the West — whether someone is Christian or Jewish or not is kind of irrelevant — is a target because it encourages humility, it encourages turning the other cheek, it encourages a number of virtues, the meek shall inherit the earth and so on, that are being perverted.

To see more of Dr. James Lindsay's work, visit his website, NewDiscourses.com.

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