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Woke professor's white privilege theory falls apart after tweeting about college admission study

Ibram X. Kendi started deleting tweets after posting an online survey asking if white applicants lie about their race to get financial aid for school.

Woke professor's white privilege theory falls apart after tweeting about college admission study
AP Photo/Steven Senne, File
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Critical Race Theory advocate and Boston University Professor Ibram X. Kendi, faced widespread mockery after he accidentally refuted his entire ideology with a single tweet.

On Friday, Kendi shared a link to an article published on The Hill, which reported that numerous white college applicants lie about their race to receive “minority-focused financial aid” to improve the odds of being accepted in the schools they apply to.

The article showed that black and Hispanic students receive college admissions boosts over white classmates. And the white students who lied about their race saw higher admissions than those who did not.

“More than a third of White students lied about their race on college applications, about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted,” Kendi wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

After deleting the tweet, Kendi was swiftly called out on social media. One of his critics, political commentator Jack Posobiec, pointed out that “Ibram X. Kendi accidentally admits minority applicants have a better chance at getting into college, deletes tweet.”

In response, Kendi quoted Posobiec to say “They lie to defend what I said, to defend the lying of White college applicants.”

“Here is their tortured line of thinking: When White applicants *think* they have an advantage by lying about being a person of color, then that means they *do* have an advantage, which then means structural racism doesn’t exist,” he added.

In response, Posobiec wrote, “I broke Kendi.” Posobiec’s remarks prompted Kendi to accuse the conservative commentator of being a racist.

“Jack couldn’t deny his lies so this is how he responded. And his ‘broke’ reference has a long history within racist structures. White enslavers boasted of *breaking* Black people (when they did not *break* Black people). The resistance never stopped then and it won’t stop today,” responded Kendi.

After having his beliefs upended on social media, Kendi posted an entire tweet thread to reaffirm his narrative.

“The anti-CRT crusade has spread this belief that White Americans are the victims of racism. As I posted last week, more than a third of White students lie about their race when applying for college, according to an online survey,” he wrote. “And there’s hardly any accountability — three-fourths of the White students lying on their applications about their race are receiving acceptance letters in return.”

Kendi went on to blame “disinformation operatives” for “distorting” the “implications” of the tweet.

“I posted these figures to show how many people may still hold this false belief that White people are disadvantaged,” he added. “The angry reaction to my post (and deletion) evidenced this even more.”

“These disinformation operatives are claiming I mistakenly demonstrated that structural racism doesn’t exist at the same time they used the figures I posted to claim that structural racism exists against White people,” Kendi insisted, using different levels of wealth, class, and privilege -- as well as access to advanced education -- to support his narrative.

“What these disinformation operatives say is not supposed to make sense,” Kendi continued. “It’s not supposed to be substantiated. It’s supposed to be believed. It’s supposed to inflame. They’ll distort anyone and anything to claim racism doesn’t exist (except of course against White people).”

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