Woman fined $4,135 for sneaking into QLD in car boot

Police warn that 100% of vehicles attempting to cross the border between NSW and QLD are being searched.

Woman fined $4,135 for sneaking into QLD in car boot
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A bizarre scene unfolded along the border between Queensland and New South Wales when police discovered a woman hiding in the boot of her car allegedly trying to cross the border.



Police regularly patrol and stop vehicles attempting to cross into Queensland to check permits.

Only a small list of government-approved essential services and exemptions are allowed to cross state lines under current Covid health orders. Those passing into Queensland must also present evidence of at least one Covid vaccination.

Police grew suspicious when they noticed the woman’s car on the back of a tow truck at the border near Goondiwindi. They intercepted the vehicle on Thursday 26 August at roughly 4:00pm and searched it.


Jump out, mate. There’s someone in the back here, mate,” said an officer.


A 49-year-old woman was founding hiding in the boot of her car, along with furniture and blankets.



"I'm seeing a number of things that look like furniture, which tells me that someone's trying to move to Queensland," said another of the police officers.


The same woman had attempted to cross into Queensland twice before, but was denied entry by Queensland authorities. She was fined $4,135 on the spot and taken back to Boggabilla.

The woman was questioned at the scene about violating health orders.


“Can I ask you, if you didn’t know that [you weren’t allowed into Queensland], why were you hiding in the boot?” asked one of the police officers.



Border restrictions are expected to remain in place between Queensland and New South Wales for at least ten more weeks, which should coincide with a vaccination rate of 70% in Queensland.

Police are doing a 100% check of every vehicle trying to cross the border.


“This is a really difficult period, we understand that,” said Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski. “If they want to come into this state, they must apply for an exemption before they come."

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