Would you invite some who is unvaccinated to your house? Quebecers weigh in

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I went to a small town called Sainte-Thérèse, near Montreal, where a protest against public health measures and Quebec’s vaccine passport was taking place.

According to a young college student from this city, schools are producing temporary classrooms in order to distance schoolchildren by two meters apart, in addition to masking requirements, in order to allow them to have in person classes this fall.

‘Pro-choice’ protesters were also present to support freedom of choice in whether to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. This freedom is unfortunately threatened by the probability of a vaccine passport.

During the rally, I took the opportunity to ask people that I met, other than the protesters, what they thought of these pro-choice activists.

I asked them a simple question: would you invite someone who is unvaccinated over to your home for dinner?

A simple question that reveals a lot about people.

This video shows what I managed to collect during that day.

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