Yahoo Nation still defying Premier Ford: thousands gather to denouce vax pass

Just days before Canada's federal election, thousands of protesters gathered in Toronto in opposition to vaccine passports.

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For more than a year and a half now, protesters (or, “a bunch of yahoos,” as Premier Doug Ford likes to call members of his own base) have gathered on the lawns of the Ontario Legislature to voice their displeasure pertaining to the ever-changing rules inherent to the pandemic. First, protesters denounced the debilitating economic lockdowns; then the demonstrations denounced mandatory mask rules; and these days, their ire is justifiably directed toward the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine passports that will begin to kick in in Ontario on Sept. 22.

Alas, the questions arise: Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”? Whatever happened to “reasonable accommodation”? It seems that these days, those chestnuts have been “reimagined” to state: “my body, government’s choice” and “accommodate the jab or lose your job.” Nice.

And not to be rude, but whatever happened to Premier Ford’s… spine? After all, the province’s number one cherry cheesecake enthusiast promised — mere weeks ago — that Ontario would not go down the mandatory vax passport route; that he did not want to create a two-tier citizenship status for Ontarians. Well, faster than you could say “vaccine apartheid,” DoFo did yet another spectacular 180-backflip, the sort of which would make Nadia Comăneci blush with envy…

In contrast to the “fluid” ethics, morals, and pledges of Doug Ford, independent MPP Rick Nicholls (Chatham-Kent-Leamington) delivered a speech to a rousing ovation. Last month, Nicholls was booted from the Progressive Conservative caucus. His sin? He refused to get vaccinated, based on personal choice. And so it was that Nicholls got the heave-ho treatment from the PCs, joining the likes of Randy Hillier, Belinda Karahalios, Roman Baber, and others who dared voice a contrarian opinion. Shameful.

In any event, the protest very likely won't result in a vaccine passport policy flip-flop by Ford in terms of cancelling this program (Ford only flips and flops when it comes to making awful decisions). Nevertheless, the “Yahoos” will no doubt continue to make their displeasure known in the weeks and months to come. Hope the premier doesn’t gag on his beloved baked goods…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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