1,000+ meet in Vaughan Mills, Ontario, to support Dutch farmers

More than 1,000 supporters of Dutch farmers congregated at the Vaughan Mills shopping centre just north of Toronto last Saturday. In fact, there were similar demonstrations happening in Canada that day from coast-to-coast and around the world.

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And with good reason. As you may know, we recently dispatched Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay to the Netherlands to get the real story in terms of what the Dutch government is doing to its own farmers there. Of note, you are not going to get the straight goods from the mainstream media; indeed, we didn’t see any mainstream media scribes covering the Vaughan Mills event for reasons that elude us.

How bizarre. Everyone needs to eat, after all. So why is it that the Dutch government under Prime Minister Mark Rutte has declared war on nitrogen in the name of climate change? Especially given that nitrogen is a much-needed element when it comes to, you know, growing crops. And if the government succeeds in its plans, multi-generational farms will likely go out of business – apparently in the name of virtue-signalling. Little wonder that furious farmers and their supporters literally took to the streets to protest these crackpot agricultural plans.

And this war on the farm could be coming to Canada. The Justin Trudeau Liberals are proposing a policy that will require farmers to use less fertilizer. That will mean lower crop yields, less profits, higher prices for consumers, and more family farms going under.

It should be noted that this proposed policy wasn’t concocted by Agriculture Canada. Rather, it’s the handiwork of Environment and Climate Change Canada, all in the name of making Canada a zero emissions nation in the future (good luck on that lofty ambition.) In fact, farmers and agriculture industry groups weren’t even consulted (and what would they know about growing crops, after all?) And again, the question arises: are these policies really more about idiotic virtue signalling in the name of a phantom "climate emergency" as opposed to a tangible agricultural policies that actually make sense?

Rebel News spent weeks in the Netherlands covering the Dutch farmer protests against the government's plan to limit carbon and nitrogen emissions from their farms. Visit FarmerRebellion.com to see all of our reports and to support this unique on-the-ground coverage.

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