62% of Americans believe media is protecting Biden by not asking tough questions: poll

62% of Americans believe media is protecting Biden by not asking tough questions: poll
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According to a survey conducted by Zogby, more than 60% of American voters believe that the mainstream media protects President Joe Biden by refusing to ask tough questions. 

The Zogby poll also found that nearly half of U.S. voters believe that Biden is taking undue credit for the accomplishments of his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. Trump was responsible for launching Operation Warp Speed, which allowed for the swift production and deployment of COVID-19 vaccine programs years ahead of their expected schedule. 

The poll asked: “Has President Biden taken credit for some of President Trump’s own actions, such as, vaccine rollout/distribution and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, or did President Biden achieve these feats on his own?”

49% of those responding said Biden was taking credit for Trump’s actions, in contrast to 37% who said they believed those were Biden’s accomplishments. The breakdown for those who said Biden took undue credit is as follows:

  • Republicans (76%)
  • Rural voters (67%)
  • Voters aged 65+ (61%)
  • Men (57%)
  • White voters (55%)
  • Baby Boomers (55%),
  • Weekly Walmart shoppers (54%)
  • Voters whose annual household income is $150K+ (53%)
  • Voters living in the South (52%) and Central Great Lakes regions (53%)

The groups that think Biden achieved those feats on his own are:

  • Democrats (57%)
  • African Americans (52%)
  • Urban women (50%).
  • Large city voters (46%)
  • Small city voters (44%)
  • East and West region voters (42%)
  • Voters aged 18-29 (40%) and 18-24 (41%)
  • Women (41%)

51% of those surveyed said that they believed the country was headed under the right direction under Biden, but 43% of them disagreed. 

Despite relative optimism towards the presidency, 62% “agreed strongly” with the sentiment that the mainstream media protects Biden by not asking him tough policy questions or raising issues about the national debt. 34% disagreed. 80% of Republicans agreed with the sentiment, with 15% disagreeing. Independents were split between 50% agreeing, to 34% disagreeing.

Big city voters who took the survey were inclined to agree with the sentiment that the mainstream media protects Biden. 67% agreed compared to 27% disagreeing. The split was 69% agreement to 21% disagreement among rural voters. Further breakdowns showed 71% to 21% among weekly Walmart shoppers, and 71% to 23% among Amazon shoppers. 

The numbers did not significantly change when Zogby asked participants if the mainstream media is protecting Biden by not asking him tough questions about the border crisis. 

According to the survey, those who mainly agreed with the sentiment that mainstream media coverage was protecting Biden are Catholics (71% agree, 23% disagree) and those who earned more than $150k (74% to 21%). 

In addition, the majority of respondents expressed their belief that Biden’s communications staff is protecting him by preventing him from interacting with the media. 59% of those surveyed agreed with the sentiment, with only 30% disagreeing and 11% saying they were unsure.

The poll was conducted online by Zogby Analytics consisting of 868 likely U.S. voters between May 26 to 27, 2021 with a breakdown of 37% Democrat, 35% Republican, and 28% independent with a margin of error of +/- 3.3 percentage points. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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