'Every single veteran is being treated like a scammer'

The Gunn Show is joined by Podcast Host and CAF veteran, Mark Meinke to discuss the VAC practice of offering death to veterans who call for help.

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Veterans Minister denies veterans being bullied into medical assistance in dying is a systemic problem.

But Canadian veterans have the proof. Some received recommendations to end it all in writing, like Paralympian veteran Christine Gauthier did. And another was savvy enough to record a veteran's affairs case worker overly suggesting he would be better off dead, and all he had to do was ask.

"So before this broke on Global News with Mercedes Stephenson and almost broke with you, I was this close," said Mark Meinke to Sheila.

Meinke continued:

And the initial response when that story got out there through the global story in the veteran community, most people weren't shocked, which is shocking in itself.

Yeah, you know, there's so much disappointment and lack of trust with VAC and I say this as a guy who receives VAC benefits, but getting those benefits, it was a five year meat grinder.

I'd rather go back into a war zone than go through that again. And I mean that sincerely, going through VAC is not a good time. And most people either don't start because they heard the stories or they don't make it through the meat grinder.

I mean, it takes some kind of resolve to not give up and to stick it out, and it shouldn't be like that. It's fricking so predatory.

And that's why in the veteran community, you constantly hear 'deny, deny, deny until they die.' And that is is our impression of VAC now.

Veteran Affairs minister Lawrence McAulay has denied the practice of offering medical assistance in dying to suffering veterans was a VAC policy and has instead implied it was the act of one rogue bureaucrat.

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