Government documents expose underreported COVID-19 vaccine fatalities

Government records, spanning over 2,000, reveal a lack of transparency and filibustering of adverse events reporting post-injection with the novel COVID-19 biologics.

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Access-to-information documents reveal that Health Canada-authorized COVID-19 vaccines are correlated with a lot more fatalities than officially registered.

Documents filed by the Canadian Independent reveal 2,140 pages of COVID-19-related death submissions to the Canadian government following COVID-19 vaccination.

As reported by the Canadian Independent, the majority of highly detailed death reports happened between March 2020 and April 2023. They included cardiac and cerebral events, embolisms, unexpected and sudden deaths, myocarditis, pericarditis, myopericarditis and neurological events.

They noted that Pfizer was the most frequently mentioned manufacturer followed by AstraZeneca and Moderna.

One of the first reports was a 55-year-old woman (with no previous medical concerns) who died following the administration of her first AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in May 2021.

Her reaction description noted that, just 20 hours after receiving her novel COVID shot, she developed a severe headache described as “lightning bolts to the brain.”

After self-treating with Advil, she developed abdominal pain within 24 hours post-vaccine, described as “knives to the abdomen.” Her husband explained that she was in pain, not acting like herself and asked how much Advil she could take in a day.

This continued for a number of days, and when she thought she was better, she stopped taking Advil. However, things took a turn for the worse, and she began vomiting a red substance.

A day later, she was dead. “She died before reaching the hospital,” the report read.

Her husband noted potential neurological signs before death, including mumbling and loss of speech.

A post-mortem autopsy was performed which discovered a low platelet count, lung infarcts and pulmonary embolism — clots, essentially.

Her husband proceeded to have this documented in Canada’s national adverse events reporting system.

He emailed back and forth with the Canada Vigilance Program which is Health Canada’s post-market surveillance program — a program that is meant to collect and assess reports of suspected adverse reactions to health products marketed in Canada.

The document detailed his heartbreakingly frustrated communication.

He emphasized receiving the wrong reporting form and expressed challenges in the mandatory submission process, seeking confirmation of the date and time of the form's submission.

“My initial and MAIN request was confirmation of the date and time that any such form was submitted - confirmation of if and when - This submit date is secret and has become a nightmare with the local health region [redacted], via the local coroner's office,” part of his email read.

Ombudsman assistance was further requested.

“We expect clarity and transparency. Reporting was to be expedient and timely to the national system. No cover-up or secret agreements are acceptable on matters of timely national health importance,” he conveyed.

“This [is] holding up the burial of the deceased,” the email explained. “A date and time to confirm the job was done and the vigilance system notified at the time requested, on behalf of the family should not be SECRET. Please reply immediately.”

It took Health Canada nearly two additional years to streamline adverse events reporting after they removed the direct link to the reporting system webpage.

Conservative MP Colin Carrie pressed the federal regulatory agency about this change through an order paper question in the House of Commons in May of this year.

The change happened in December of 2020 which coincided directly when the products known as COVID-19 vaccines were first authorized by Health Canada under an interim order, effectively accelerating their rollout and subsequent use.

Family physician Dr. Greg Chan testified under oath at the National Citizens Inquiry on how he tried to use this system and was sent on an endless loop of links that led to nowhere.

Additionally, two ousted nurses who detailed vaccine injury reports at their hospital were not being adequately diagnosed or documented as early as December 2021.

All of this further validates what Dr. Patrick Phillips told Rebel News in May 2021; that adverse events reports were being arbitrarily filtered from the surveillance system, thereby compromising (and threatening) public safety.

As news continues to swirl about how Health Canada and elected officials misled Canadians based on contractual agreements with Pfizer that stipulated the safety and efficacy of the novel mRNA products were unknown, more information continues to come to light about how many have suffered the damaging effects of the indiscriminately promoted and largely coerced biopharmaceutical products.

And it looks like the true numbers are shrouded in uncertainty — something that health and government officials prefer to label as misinformation, fuelling vaccine hesitancy, when in fact it’s bad government and even worse policy contributing to missing information.

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