'I care about you guys being free': Sean Strickland stands up for Canadian fans

'I didn’t know I was fighting in North Korea,' said the UFC champion, who doubled down on slamming gender ideology, Canadian media outlets opposed to freedom and PM Trudeau at his second press conference in Toronto.

'I care about you guys being free': Sean Strickland stands up for Canadian fans
Source: ufc.com
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UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland continues to give his thoughts on Canada, as he was asked about the country again during the UFC 297 pre-fight press conference on January 18, after creating international headlines the day before.

He was asked by a reporter in the first question of the night:

“You said a lot of things about Canada… What does it feel like to be a hero to these people?” referring to Strickland's comments the day prior that had gone viral online.

The UFC champion reflected for a second, replying again with a true heartfelt response.

“You know, man. Well, let me let me tell you, let me tell you let me tell you guys something. And this is what the media doesn't understand when it comes to me and you guys, and Australian fans.”

Strickland called out the 'tyrannical' Australian government for its pandemic restrictions back in September 2023 at the Sydney UFC 293, mentioning one particular case where a pregnant mother was arrested in front of her kids by Victoria police in 2020.

The UFC champion continued:

”But when have you ever seen a UFC champion, George St-Pierre, or anybody else stick up for you fucking guys? I f**king do it. I do it. I am not chasing the Chinese checkmark of Nike.”

The controversial American athletic apparel company has been attacked for its usage of sweatshop factories in Indo-China from the 90s and early 2000s, and is now benefiting from Chinese Uyghur forced labour.

Recently ,the footwear giant promoted gender ideology through a partnership with trans-activist Dylan Mulvaney, which Caitlyn Jenner called out for being too “woke”.

“I don’t give a f**k about that. I care about you guys, I care about you guys being free, I care about you guys having freedom of speech. I give a f**k about you guys. I’ll tell you what, you guys are f**king awesome.”

The day prior, January 17, he threw verbal punches to several Canadian reporters, calling one out as a “COVID bank stealer,” a reference to the Trudeau Liberals' freezing of bank accounts of peaceful protesters in the Freedom Convoy, a 2022 protest which saw Canadians from across the country travel to Ottawa in protest of COVID mandates and restrictions.

Strickland pressed the media, asking them back in response if they “were on board with that” and if they voted for Trudeau, alluding to them being communists.

"You elected Justin Trudeau. When he seized bank accounts, you're just f*ckin' pathetic," he said yesterday.

He ended his comments with a thank you for the Canadian fans, with one even rushing the stage to shake his hand afterwards. Together with Dana White, president and CEO of UFC, Strickland smiled to the cheering crowd as the fan was taken away by security after making contact with the fighter.

“I cannot wait for me and this man [his opponent Dricus du Plessis] to go to f*cking war for you f*cking guys.”

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