"Not in our Canada": Justin Trudeau's hateful hypocrisy

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In 2015, Justin Trudeau campaigned under the mantra of "sunny ways" for Canada, contrasting himself as a ray of lighthearted optimism against Stephen Harper's more serious demeanour.

Those days are long gone— and Justin Trudeau's mask of sunshine has slipped. Not only does his list of failures and scandals continue to grow, but he is increasingly driving intolerance and division accross Canada. 

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant discusses Trudeau's twisted and divisive rhetoric, pointing out the hypocrisy in our prime minister's words as he simultaneously claims tolerance but sows hatred.

Discussing Trudeau's comments, Ezra said:

He's been demonizing people left, right and centre... "In Canada, we have no room for hatred— other than them!" He literally said we have to be together, and listen, and learn not to label people... "Hey guys we don't label people— unlike those misogynist anti-vaxxers!"... He's such a weird sociopath how he in the same sentence says, "very tolerant— except for for them!" The weirdest part is his implication that anti-vaxxers are misogynist. What? How? And this is coming from the guy who sacks any woman that disagrees with him.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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