'They’re not afraid’: Protesters in Iran rebel against regime

Protesters have taken to the streets in Iran to stand up against the oppressive regime after the death of a young woman who was in the custody of the country's 'morality police.'

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by anti-regime activist Nasser Pooli to discuss the ongoing demonstrations in Iran aimed at taking a stand against the nation's hardline rulers.

Protests have erupted across Iran after a young woman was killed while she was in the custody of the country's 'morality police.' The regime has aggressively cracked down on protesters and is reported to have killed over 75 individuals involved in the uprisings over the last two weeks.

Speaking about the demonstrations, Mr. Pooli stated, "Fortunately, this is a lot stronger, now young people are on the streets, they're not afraid. And I really hope that the world now is [ready] to come stand behind the people. Enough is enough [of] hiding behind this regime because of their pockets."

While discussing the Iranian regime, Mr. Pooli stated, "They are playing double standard...on one hand they are saying, 'we are into human rights, we are against the terrorism, we are against the fascism, dictatorship.' But on the other hand, they are helping the same people that they say they are against."

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