ABC faces backlash for erasing 'women' in social media post

Australia's taxpayer-funded national broadcaster slammed over shocking word choice on menstrual health.

ABC faces backlash for erasing 'women' in social media post
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Aussies were incensed on Thursday after the ABC sidestepped using the term 'women' in a social media post about female health, opting instead for a gender-neutral term.

The ABC faced fierce criticism on X for a post accompanying an article about menstrual cups.

The caption read: “Some people who menstruate are interested in making the switch to menstrual cups or discs, but say they don't know enough about reusable period products to confidently do so.”

The choice to use 'people who menstruate' rather than 'women' sparked a backlash from hundreds of commenters who accused the ABC of misogyny and pandering to political correctness.

Many questioned the use of taxpayer money to fund the broadcaster.

“Do you mean some women?” people were quick to point out.

Another remarked: “’people who menstruate’ 🧐 Casual socio-political misogyny from ‘Your ABC’.”

“Look at the comments section, everyone noticed it straight away and you still claim not to be leftists. How pathetic,” added another.

The overwhelming majority of comments attacked the ABC’s choice of language leading to calls to “Defund the ABC.”

The article itself did not mention the word 'women' until about eight paragraphs in, where University of Sydney lecturer and GP Phoebe Holdenson Kimura was quoted.

"[Period] products are continuing to improve; there are so many different options on the market," Ms Kimura said. "It's a good thing women have more choice … [but] lots of women will say 'I only use pads and that's my preference', and that's fine also."

After this point, the article switched to using the term 'women'. The story was produced by ABC Lifestyle, which is part of the public broadcaster's Regional and Local division.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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