Aboriginal leader calls out abuse from woke white Aussies

Warren Mundine has been bombarded with threats and abuse for not supporting the controversial 'Voice to Parliament'

Aboriginal leader calls out abuse from woke white Aussies
Warren Mundine / Twitter
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Indigenous political figure Warren Mundine says he's been subjected to unprecedented threats and abuse at the hands of white Australians for voicing his opposition to the Anthony Albanese government's controversial 'Voice to Parliament' push.

Mundine, a former National President of the Australian Labor Party, has been vocal in his criticism of the plan to enshrine the Voice into Australia's constitution, citing concern that the Voice will be unable to speak for indigenous Australians as a whole.

Mundine took to social media to share screenshots of the abuse, with angry users calling him an 'Uncle Tom' for 'betraying' his people and a 'Coconut' inferring he's 'black on the outside, white on the inside'.

"In the old days you would have been run outta the tribe with a spear in ya leg ya whimpy mutt, hope one day you get hit by a bus mate ya dog," one Facebook user posted.

"You either know this to be true but don't care because it gives you your own "moment" or have stopped your own belief in cultural authority," posted another. 

While no stranger to abuse online, Mundine said it was concerning that the bulk of the abuse was coming from 'white Australians' unhappy an aboriginal man isn't supporting the 'progressive' move. 

 "I've had more racial abuse and threats in the past two weeks than my entire life," he told Daily Mail Australia.

"It's coming from people who aren't ignorant or uneducated, they just disagree with my stance. 

"If a person is ignorant or racist you can turn them around, I've done it before. 

"But when it's coming from educated people who are using racial attacks on you because they don't agree with you, that's dangerous."

It comes after fellow indigenous identity and MP Jacinta Nampijinpa Price accused left-wing journalist Peter FitzSimons of being 'rude and aggressive' to her during an interview, saying he also accused her of giving racists a voice.

Price said the interview with FitzSimons was like 'talking to a brick wall' and that she felt 'insulted'.

The Voice to Parliament has been designed to grant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a new 'voice' regarding policies and projects that impact their lives, however, its ambiguity has been the subject of heated debate.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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