AB NDP Education Minister ducks questions about posing with students saluting ISIS

David Eggen, Alberta’s NDP Minister of Education is a liar. He's a flip-flop. He's a two-faced, two-timing politician.

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It all started back before he became minister of anything, before he ever thought it would be possible to be an NDP Cabinet Minister in Alberta. Remember when he was chanting “no new approvals” for pipelines on the steps of the provincial legislature?

That was only the beginning, since then, he has ruined a whole generation of Albertan students.

Eggen has brought untold damage to Alberta during his tenure as Notley's Educationatoin Minister. From our culture, to our children's education, and everything in between, David Eggen has had a direct hand in destroying a once-great province.

Eggen helped Notley turn Alberta into a shadow of what it used to be under Premiers Ralph Klein and Peter Lougheed. His 2019 campaign, under Premier Rachel Notley, even has the arrogance of saying they're running under the legacy of Peter Lougheed, something that even Lougheed's own son has denounced on Twitter.

David Eggen has had a direct hand in making sure that 40 per cent of Grade 9 math students failed their standardized tests. That prompted us to put up a billboard, our first in a series of billboards, to “Fire David Eggen”.

We called for Rachel Notley to fire the Minister of Education before the election so voters didn't have to wait six months to fire the worst Education Minister Alberta's seen in decades. She failed to do that.

I went up to Edmonton to cover the rally in support of Gay-Straight Alliances, and David Eggen happened to be there! I took the opportunity to ask him if he felt responsible for the damage he has wrought.

Watch how he responded in the video! 

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