Alberta NDP Education Minister speaks at fundraiser for Islamic Relief: Who are they?

The Minister of Education, David Eggen, is failing Albertan students — literally.

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Last weekend, he crossed a line. This time, he failed our entire country, the Jewish people, and everyone looking for a peaceful solution to the religious conflict in the Middle East.

David Eggen spoke in — what appears to be an official capacity — at an Islamic Relief Canada fundraiser in Edmonton. For those who do not know, Islamic Relief Worldwide is the same organization that Israel barred from operating in their territory after the Ministry of Defence identified Islamic Relief Worldwide as a “Terrorist Organization” who financially supports Hamas.

(Islamic Relief Canada, on the other hand, is an affiliated organization and there is no solid proof available that it actively supports terrorist activities with funds.)

Sure, maybe David Eggen doesn’t find Israel’s Ministry of Defence credible, but it is not just them who have denounced Islamic Relief Worldwide.The United Arab Emirates has also listed Islamic Relief Worldwide on a terror watch list, along with ISIS and Al-Qaeda. One of the worlds’ largest banks, HSBC, closed IRW accounts worth millions of dollars in an effort to curb money laundering. HSBC told Al Jazeera that the “a decision of this kind is never taken lightly”, which implies they have evidence of untoward activities.

Tom Quiggin, a security and intelligence analyst who has testified before the Senate, recently spoke with my colleague, Sheila Gunn Reid, where he presented a list the length of his arm of international and national entities who are investigating Islamic Relief Worldwide or has terminated their relationship with it.

To make matters worse, Islamic Relief Worldwide has organized speaking tours with Yasir Qadhi, who the Middle East Forum (MEF) has identified as “an extremist preacher” who had told audiences that killing homosexuals was part of his religion. The MEF has also linked Islamic Relief Worldwide with the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, a group founded by a “Bin-Laden Loyalist”.

Closer to home, Islamic Relief USA has featured Canadian Abdullah Hakim Quick, a radical Islamist from Toronto.

This history that Islamic Relief has with enemies of Western Civilization is far from a coincidence. Islamic Relief has shown a pattern of associating with those who threaten the lives of gays, Jews, and infidels.

All this is to say, that a Minister of a democratic state, who is charged with overseeing the education of our children, has no reason whatsoever to associate himself with a group like this. See, this is where hypocrisy becomes dangerous.

Keep in mind, Minister David Eggen just issued an order revoking education funding for faith-based Christian schools for relying on scripture when crafting anti-bullying policies. Within a week Eggen then speaks at a fundraiser for Islamic Relief –an organization whose worldwide affiliate is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, and the US Office of Personnel Management. In doing so, Minister David Eggen added his name to a roster of speakers that has featured Islamist homophobes and anti-Semites.

It is sad, but I can’t help but cringe when I scroll through David Eggen’s Twitter. I don’t think anyone has bothered to tell him that gay men are killed in the Palestinian Territories –and I highly doubt he has ever stopped to think how his actions, by speaking at a fundraiser for Islamic Relief Canada, would make a Jewish student feel, knowing what we know now. As long as he can keep revoking funding from Christian schools, he is happy I suppose.

This report is following our recent video covering Justin Trudeau and an array of his ministers who have been channeling tax dollars to Islamic Relief Canada. Is the government confident that its money is not merely forwarded to Islamic Relief Worldwide, and in turn, Palestinian terrorists?

Tom Quiggin told The Rebel that a criminal complaint has been filed with the RCMP to investigate the Federal Government’s complicity and facilitation of capital being sent to a terrorist entity. Quiggin told The Rebel that an active investigation is underway with the RCMP to assess whether or not Justin Trudeau or his Cabinet broke sections of the Criminal Code, most notably Section 83.03, which prohibits providing property or assets to terrorist entities that will be used in whole or in part to sponsor their activity.

Despite investigations from the FBI and other American authorities, Islamic Relief Canada, and Islamic Relief Worldwide are currently lawful entities operating in Canada, the UK, and around the globe. In response to the allegations from multiple nation-states, disassociation from international banks, and criminal investigations from American law enforcement, Islamic Relief commissioned an audit which they say found “absolutely no evidence” of terror-related activities. (Islamic Relief paid for and released the results of the audit themselves.)

We sent Minister Eggen a list of questions, asking if he was aware of the associations that Islamic Relief has with terrorist groups before speaking, or if he is aware of any government money being sent to Islamic Relief. Neither he nor his office returned comment, but we will certainly keep our viewers updated if he does.


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