Alberta NDP Education Minister and socialist bloggers attack Webber Academy

Do you remember when the left-wing trifecta attacked Webber Academy? It was a few weeks ago, so here’s a recap.

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The Minister of Education, David Eggen, put out a vague statement forbidding the use of a learning resource that asked students to consider possible positive legacies of residential schools, not just the negative ones.

Neil Webber, the head of Webber Academy sent an email to the Minister, inquiring what the resource was exactly, because it was not made clear. He also asked if the topic was completely off-limits, saying that “surely when discussions are taking place with regard to residential schools, that any positive aspects can be asked along with any negative ones”.

The response was swift.

The Minister of Education, a socialist blogging site, and the mainstream media appeared to paint Neil Webber, founder of one of the top-rated schools in the province, as a romanticizer of residential schools.

First, Eggen’s office got everyone’s attention, saying “a school authority reached out” about the issue.

Then, Progress Alberta went public with Dr. Webber’s name and twisting what he inquired about. How would they get his name? Surely the Minister would not be leaking private correspondence to his buddies on the left?

Suddenly, Dr. Webber was a racist. Someone who thinks that residential schools were the best thing since sliced bread!

Except, that’s not quite true, is it? I took the time to go to the Webber Academy. To ask the questions that had to be asked. Nobody else was doing it.

All the educator wanted, was to teach his students both sides of history. To look at it holistically, instead of through an ideological lens.

The attack was so insulting to Dr. Webber, he told The Rebel that his lawyers were sending letters to the Ministry of Education, that very day.

We wanted to see if the Minister of Education, or any of his staff, leaked correspondence between them and Webber Academy to the media, or to their Progress Alberta and their buddies.

Rather than being forthcoming with the information, they slapped The Rebel with a $1,500 price tag to have the privilege of reading a few emails. That screams anything but innocent to me.

This is a cash for info scheme designed to keep the public out of the government's business because they think Albertans can’t be bothered. I bet they are wrong.

What is so damning in these emails that we asked for that they will go to these lengths to hide it?

This is big, folks. If we can prove that the minister of education or his staff knowingly sent information to socialist bloggers to defame Alberta’s best-performing school, with a political motivation, no less, Rachel Notley will have no choice but to fire David Eggen.

Our research budget comes from our viewers. If you think this is worthwhile, if you would like help air David Eggen’s dirty laundry, please chip in by clicking here, or visit, to cover the cost of this roadblock fee, and we will do the rest.

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