Americans answer: ‘Who’s worse, Trudeau or Biden?’

Recent polling shows Joe Biden's approval rating at 38%, with his popularity likely to decline further after his lackluster performance in last night's presidential debate, which Biden himself has acknowledged as 'weak.'

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Conservatives and freedom fighters from all over the U.S.A. gathered in Detroit, Michigan for Turning Point Action's annual People's Convention. Rebel Sarah Stock spoke with attendees to get their thoughts on the state of freedom and political leadership in America and Canada.

Approval ratings for Justin Trudeau have reached an all-time low of 28% as of April 24. In response to his unpopularity, the Prime Minister told the CBC "What you tell a pollster, if they ever manage to reach you, is very different from the choice Canadians end up making in an election campaign."

Recent polling found Joe Biden's approval ratings at 38%, although his popularity may soon sink further following his performance in last night's presidential debate which Biden himself has even described as "weak".

"Trudeau is probably about as bad as it gets," one man told me.

"It's gotta be Joe Biden. I don't think he's even running the show, he's just a puppet," said another.

Considering the majority of conservatives' strong feelings against both the Canadian and American world leaders, many found the "Trudeau or Biden" question a tough one to answer.

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