America's Afghan “catastrophe” | Joel Pollak on the fall of Kabul

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The American withdrawal from Afghanistan finally brought about an end to the 20-year conflict, bringing scenes eerily reminiscent of the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war onto screens across the western world.

What does this message send to allies of the United States? What about its enemies? And where does American foreign policy go from this low point?

Joel Pollak, editor-at-large for Breitbart, joined The Ezra Levant Show yesterday to share his thoughts on these questions.

Speaking about the three main political rivals to American interests in the region, Joel said:

The broader issue is really we have China ascendant, not only because we have now withdrawn from the one country with a land border with China where we had a base, but also because China's now going to move in and do deals with the Taliban and gain access to the rare earth minerals that are abundant in Afghanistan. 

Russia is now crowing over this because they had their own defeat in Afghanistan under the Soviet Union and they're now being seen in the Middle East as a more reliable ally than the United States, at least under Democrats. 

And Iran, of course, is thrilled because Afghanistan borders Iran and they're now getting all that military equipment you talked about. Plus they are given a reprieve here. Trump had Iran on the ropes, the regime looked weak; Biden has given them a third chance on life — the second chance, of course, was given by Barack Obama. 

So this is a catastrophe.

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