WATCH: Andrew Bolt UNLEASHES on Victoria Police and media over Avi Yemini

The Sky News presenter didn't pull any punches

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Sky News commentator Andrew Bolt has unleashed on the Victoria Police force for its unlawful arrests of Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini.

His comments come after Yemini's Supreme Court win in forcing Police to apologise for the arrests which prevented him from doing his job reporting at several protests in Melbourne in 2020 and 2021.

"Wrongly arresting the same reporter not once, not twice, but three times ... what is going on?," Bolt said on the Bolt Report, labelling the arrests as 'a serious attack on free speech and a free press'.


Bolt also took aim at the press for its weak coverage of the arrests in which reporters failed to fairly and accurately portray events to the public.

He specifically lashed reporter Phoebe Loomes who penned an article which refused to acknowledge Yemini as a reporter, instead referring to him as an 'infamous far-right YouTube personality'.

What is going on – and why is the media so uninterested in what seems to me another example of the brutal authoritarianism of the Victorian Labor government,” he said.

Bolt highlighted his concern that the reporter failed to comprehend the ramifications of a journalist being arrested on multiple occasions, simply for doing their job.

"I would have thought it was concern for every journalist," he said.

"I'm embarrassed to say that even a Murdoch outlet treated it all as a big joke."

"They mock me when they when I get arrested they use it to delegitimise me," Yemini added.

"But then when the actual news newsworthy story comes out Victoria Police apologise for breaking the law and not one media outlet has run that story.

"There's a lot of public interest there ... it is a deliberate attempt by the mainstream media to avoid this to not give this story the the attention it deserves and to embarrass you know their friends that's the only thing I can come to is that they pre it's a protection racket."

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