Only fancy journalists should get to ask the questions, says Globe and Mail columnist Andrew Coyne

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In this clip from yesterday's Rebel News Daily livestream, Ezra Levant discussed a revealing tweet by Globe and Mail columnist Andrew Coyne, which demonstrated what Coyne really thinks about freedom of the press.

EZRA: Look at that tweet again from Andrew Coyne: "Andrew Lawton gets the first question? Seriously?"

Well, what does that mean? I know Andrew Lawton, he's on our show all the time. So you're not even pretending that you believe in free speech or an open press or independent press or different voices. And even if you think this in your own mind, Andrew Coyne — and that's fine, we all have our foibles. You're a snob, fine, you think this thought in your heart, fine. We get it, you're fancy. 

Because you had the good luck of being born after your father, rather than before him. We get it. It's the Justin Trudeau, Peter Pan... everything you have is by virtue of your father, we get it. But don't say those things out loud. Because what you're saying is, not only do I think I'm better than Andrew Lawton, but I don't think he should be treated the same as me. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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