“Don't Be So Open Minded That Your Brain Falls Out” — Chad Prather (BlazeTV) | Andrew Says 48

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Chad Prather is comedian, musician and host of The Chad Prather Show on BlazeTV.

His book Am I Crazy? - An Unapologetic Patriot Takes on the Insanity of Today's Woke World is a hilarious commentator on today's politics and culture, presented in short, easily-digestible rants. 

Off the top, Prather explains his disdain for Peloton fitness systems and Colin Kaepernick, as the former NFL player attempted to compare the NFL draft combine to slave auctions in a Netflix program.

Then, Chad attempts to explain a high school drag queen contest that took place during halftime at a football game, and why teachers and parents so easily go along with this.

Lastly, after a series of Republican wins including Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, Prather gives his takeaways about what conservatives can learn from such a big election win.

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