“Do Exactly as You're Told, Question Nobody”: Gary Sheffield Jr. Roasts Mainstream Media | Andrew Says 43

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Gary Sheffield Jr. joins Andrew Says to discuss claims of "slavery" at the border, Nicki Minaj vs. mainstream media, and what will happen to unvaccinated professional athletes.
Sheffield, who writes for OutKick.com, believes illegal immigration hurts his state of Arizona, where it is rampant and out of control. "It devalues our vote," the writer says.

Sheffield also gives unique insight into what he believes will happen in sports leagues such as the NBA and NHL, where star players have 'come out' as unvaccinated, potentially stifling their season and ability to make a full salary.

Lastly, Sheffield remarks on how the media is quick to ditch certain celebrities as soon as they say something that goes against 'the narrative.'

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