Another one bites the dust… another Toronto homeless encampment, that is

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How refreshing to see that Hogtown is continuing to divest itself of its public park pigpens. Just a day after Alexandra Park had its disgusting tent city torn down, another filthy encampment was eradicated next to Lamport Stadium.

Not that it was easy. Oh, the removal of tents isn’t problematic, especially with the city employing heavy construction equipment. It’s just that the woke mob and Antifa types showed up to cause trouble, resulting in some 26 arrests that included assault with a weapon, assaulting a peace officer and trespassing.

It was stunning to see that yet again, supposed homeless advocates continue to demand that the homeless should... remain homeless!

Toronto might be a so-called “sanctuary city,” in which lawlessness prevails or those in authority are supposed to turn a blind eye to certain types of lawlessness. But what these sanctimonious do-gooders fail to understand is that no one has the right to camp out in a public park for months on end — all the while turning that aforementioned park into a patch of land resembling a landfill site in the process.

And please keep in mind that the City of Toronto states that there are more than 6,000 shelter spaces, some of them now located in city-leased hotels.

In other words, there are more than enough spaces available for those who were/are camping in parks. Then again, some of these “campers” are mentally ill people, and being cast adrift outdoors is a tragic side effect of the progressive policy pertaining to “de-institutionalizing” mentally ill patients decades ago. As for others, they simply do not want to work. There’s no other way to put it.

Hopefully, the cleanup of Toronto’s remaining tent city parks shall continue in the days and weeks ahead.

But after the cleanup is completed, wouldn’t it be jolly if the authorities simply evicted a squatter the moment his or her tent is pitched? Why do we always have to surrender an entire park to a massive tent city, until eventually a cleanup kicks in? Why can’t we just nip this nonsense in the bud the second it begins — assuming there's still some political will left to do so?

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